Taliban talks peace... just not with U.S.

Taliban talks peace... just not with U.S.



It’s rare to see the words “Taliban” and “peace” in the same news headline. But don’t be fooled, the peace talks initiated by Pakistani Taliban are not aimed at America, but instead towards the government of Islamabad. One thing is for sure, the already shaky relations between America and Pakistan are about to get a whole lot more turbulent.

Commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad has said he’s beginning peace talks in Bajaur (his center of command) with government officials of Islamabad. He claims that a cease-fire has been negotiated as well as the release of Taliban members by Pakistani authorities. The commander has stated that 145 Taliban members have already been freed by Pakistan and more will continue to be released if Taliban forces discontinue their violent campaigns.


However relations between Taliban and Pakistani forces have been long and violent affairs. The Taliban continued to attack Pakistani security forces even after past negotiations had been settled. 


These talks do not portend any actual “peace” between the two parties in the near future. Still, Americans are not pleased with any actions that hint at possible cooperation between Pakistan and Taliban members. Mohammad is allied with al Qaeda and his group, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has teamed up with the Afghan Taliban to fight against NATO troops led by American forces. His organization has been deemed a terrorist group, and they are recognized as such in countries throughout the world.


First we discover Pakistan hid information about Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts outside of Islamabad, and now whispers are surfacing of potential peace talks between Taliban and Pakistani officials (They’ve already freed 145 Taliban members!!!). Maybe it’s time for America to start cutting back on the billions of dollar it aids Pakistan’s military and economy and start distancing itself from Pakistan government altogether.