Signs that life may be worth living.

Signs that life may be worth living.

The world may not be as bleak as it seems.

At risk of sounding like I have more than one personality, I’m going to ignore the list of horrible news items that I just wrote about and let you know about some signs that life may actually be better than we think it is. Just the fact that I’m sitting here in an air-conditioned room at a laptop, in a comfortable chair with plenty of fresh water to drink is enough for me. If it’s not enough for you, maybe these will help…

The power of the people still works

When a teen girl took on the practice of photoshopping in teen magazines, magazine head honchos looked the other way—at first. Now a revolution has begun, and Seventeen, for one, has agreed to stop the photoshopping!

Not all celebs suck

To prove it, here is a list of some celebrities along with cool things they’ve done. For example, did you know that the man who voices Winnie the Pooh, Jim Cummings, actually calls sick children in the hospital in Pooh’s voice, giving them a special message from their favorite silly old bear? That just warms my heart.

Non-celebs are even more incredible

Check out this list of amazing things people are doing, from rescuing drowning animals to apologizing for the behavior of members of an entire faith. Reading about how Japanese senior citizens volunteered to take on the Fukushima crisis rather than subject younger people to the radiation since they’d already had their lives made me cry. What brave selflessness.

It’s awesome to be a woman—somewhere!

While it’s true that the war on women continues here in America, and that conservatives in particular are so afraid of vaginas and women making their own decisions that they ban us from even speaking on the House floor, at least 18 other countries seem to treat their women citizens better. In these countries—from Norway to Estonia—women may have better life expectancies, more education, better contraceptive coverage, and other improved living conditions. There’s hope for us yet, fellow females.

Connecting has never been easier

Have you heard of Postcrossing? It’s this wonderful website where you can sign up to exchange postcards with people from all around the world. We’ve been doing it for about two months or so and love it! Not only do you get to accumulate a collection of cool international postcards; you also get to meet lots of nice people and gain perspectives from all over the globe.