Obama's a Muslim? Who Knew?...Certainly not Obama!

Obama's a Muslim? Who Knew?...Certainly not Obama!

Just when you thought the debate about Obama’s birth place and his religion were over, think again. Those in the deep south are still not convinced our president is not Muslim and was not born in America.

As GOP primaries raged on in Mississippi and Alabama, Public Policy Polling (PPP) has produced pole results from a group of about 600 southerners who are likely to vote republican in the next election. Of these 600 members, 14 percent agreed that Obama was a Christian (which Obama has stated time and again that he is), 41 percent are unsure of his religious beliefs, and a whopping 45 percent believed Obama was Muslim. 


Although you may think a pole of only 600 members is not indicative of the general beliefs of those in the south (I don’t put too much weight on it), there was another survey of 656 GOP primary voters who said they believed Obama was also a Muslim (52 percent).


The question of Obama’s faith comes not long after Rick Santorum publicly questioned the President’s beliefs, as his ideas and decisions were, according to Santorum, influenced by “different theology”. Just as a side note, Santorum’s theology is plain bat shit crazy and his diplomatic solution to stopping nuclear weapon production in Iran is to BOMB them. 


It’s unfortunate that we’ve so managed to demonize Islam in this country since 9/11 that calling Obama a Muslim is considered an offense. Connecting him with the religion of Islam somehow justifies (in these southern GOP brains) that his actions are malicious, evil, and somehow linked to his religion as a Muslim. Only Muslims would create Obama Care right?


However, if we were to go down this route, I’d probably be apt to call Santorum and the frightening “logic” that guides his decisions as the thought processes of an Islam fanatic, similar to a Taliban insurgent. So I guess technically, along with Obama, Santorum too is Muslim.