Man survives in snow covered car for 2 months

Man survives in snow covered car for 2 months


It’s being called one of the world’s greatest tales of survival and people around the world are wanting to know more about a Swedish man who was trapped in his snow covered car for two months. But there are fishy details about the story that have me wondering about its validity.

Apparently, forty-five year old Peter Skyllberg, was found in emaciated and near death in a sleeping bag, trapped in his snow covered car since December 19th. On Friday, Skyllberg was discovered by people riding snowmobiles. His car was dug out of the deep snow and he was transported to the nearest hospital where he is now recovering, yet is in weak condition. 


Skyllberg has told media that he “chose” to stay in the car but became trapped after snow fall accumulated, making it impossible for the man to exit the vehicle. In his igloo like structure, Skyllberg survived by eating one meal the entire two months and melting snow and drinking water. During his time in the car, temperatures repeatedly dropped to negative 30 degrees.


Many have become intrigued by this story as it seems almost impossible for a man to survive on one meal and snow for a two month period in such extreme temperatures. Others are also skeptical of why Skyllberg didn’t attempt to dig his way out of the snowy tomb. Pictures indicate the snow had accumulated less than three feet on top of the car which begs the question of why he stayed? Was it intentional? And is his story true?


Of course the man is extremely weak and not speaking much about his episode but in the future we will surely find out if his “harrowing” tale is fact or fiction.