Did mold have a part to play in Brittany Murphy's death?

Did mold have a part to play in Brittany Murphy's death?


When we hear of the mysterious deaths of young celebrities we usually chalk it up to a typical drug overdose. Two years ago in December 2009 we all figured Brittany Murphy’s death was caused by some drug induced state or speculated that it was  linked to an eating disorder. However new information has come to the surface that may explain the truth surrounding her death and the death of her husband only months later.

According to Murphy’s mother, construction teams building Brittany’s house did not take enough care to prevent the growth of mold. After construction of the house was completed, toxic mold began to overrun the building. After Brittany’s death, her mother became informed of the mold spore’s and the potential link between her daughter’s declining health. Brittany's mother tried to draw up a lawsuit against the builders but her attorney’s at the time misled her, discouraging her from suing the builders for wrongful death.


Now, Murphy’s mother has hired a new set of attorneys to sue her previous team for the money she would have won from the wrongful death suit. But is Murphy’s mom trying to cash in on her daughter’s death or is there some truth behind this toxic mold and the death of this young actress?


It is true that exposure to toxic mold can potentially be harmful to you health, especially if you live in households where spores are constantly entering you’re lungs. Brittany Murphy had been fighting pneumonia when she died and bringing in any of these hazardous mold spores may have pushed her over the edge. It is also strange that her husband came down with pneumonia months later and shortly thereafter died as well, which would make sense if he was living in the house along with Murphy. 


After autopsies were conducted, both deaths were ruled natural and not caused by drugs. So far Murphy’s mother is continuing to seek settlement and only time can tell us whether her intentions were sincere or driven by greed.