Banned Super Bowl ads

Banned Super Bowl ads


Over the years, companies have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their ads on a thirty second slot of television that airs at some point during the Super Bowl game. Many of which have created commercials, only to be turned down for inappropriate conduct. Here’s a look at some of these censored ads over the years and why they were denied Super Bowl debuts. 


In 2011 and again this year, graphic ads showing dismembered baby body parts have been denied access to be shown during Super Bowl sunday. In 2011, anti-abortion fanatic, Randall Terry (who is also running on the 2012 Republican ballot) bought commercial spots in 11 different markets in mostly southern cities. Although some of his ads will be aired this 2012 Super Bowl, a few cities have decided to not air the grotesque ads. If this guy wants to change minds about abortion, why buy air time in conservative southern cities where many people are already anti-abortion?


Obama vs Jesus

Did the geniuses over at really think that a commercial depicting a Jesus bobble head pushing an Obama bobble head into a fish tank where he drowns would seriously be aired. Hello? whether you like the guy or not, airing a commercial where jesus kills our president probably isn’t going to fly. And hey, Tebow wouldn’t appreciate seeing his god drown Obama, no matter how much he loves Romney.


Dating service for cheating spouses

Talk about crude business practices. Ashley Madison’s online dating service wanted  to air an ad during Super Bowl in 2009, in front of millions of drunk fans throughout America asking them if they hated their spouses. Not a big shocker that NBC denied the company from advertising their services but it was a nice try.


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